"Education: a paradoxical market" by Ariel Diaz Founder of Boundless

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Date: lundi 11 avril 2016 à 18:30
Catégorie: Business
Ville: Paris , Paris Ile-de-France

In France and in the United States, Education represents 5% of GDP, that's huge! However, dominated by non-for-profit structures and mentality, it’s a real challenging market.

We’re thrilled to welcome Ariel Diaz for this special event dedicated to education. 

Founder and CEO of Boundless, a fast growing startup that creates and distributes on line free and low-cost textbooks, Ariel Diaz is an experienced entrepreneur with an incredible passion for improving the educational landscape for generations to come. Before Boundless, Ariel co-founded YouCastr, an online video platform that enabled hundreds of high schools to broadcast and sell live sports and other events to parents and the community.

Ariel will share his experience entering and working on the education market. He will talk about the opportunities he get and the challenges he faced ;)

The education market is changing faster than ever at all levels: professional, boot camp, early childhood, supplemental, self-earning, etc. Nonetheless, it is still a difficult market to tackle due to long sales cycles, adoption decision, process, established brand, etc. 

Want to know more?

Join us! The event is free, totally open and in English... Don't be shy, accents are cute <3

25 rue du Petit Musc
"Education: a paradoxical market" by Ariel Diaz Founder of Boundless (ATTENTION, modifier l'heure de fin comme vous le souhaitez...)">

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