Lean Startup: Create effective MVPs with Melissa Perri

   Lean Startup Experience

Date: mardi 14 juin 2016 à 09:00
Catégorie: Business
Ville: , Paris Ile-de-France

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In this workshop you will learn the ins and outs of creating MVPs and how to introduce this concept into your companies.

MVPs, or Minimum Viable Products, are not just for startups. Inside companies big and small they can boost a product's user experience exponentially. Teams who implement MVPs correctly will learn more about customers, waste less time, and deliver usable solutions faster.
But, MVPs are wildly misunderstood today, and setting up one wrong can deliver false results.

What you will learn

In this workshop you will learn the ins and outs of creating MVPs inside a company and how to introduce this concept into your teams successfully. Specifically:

* How an MVP is one of the most effective customer learning tools

* How to formulate problem and customer hypothesis

* How to align product experiments with your KPIs

* How product development teams, marketing, and the business can collaborate in this process

* How focusing your teams on experiments rather than features can save your companies years of development costs 

* How the stages of MVP development work from experimentation to developing the minimal version of a product 

* How to iterate on feedback from your customers to plan experiments 

* How to integrate Minimum Viable Products into your Product Roadmaps

Who is teaching this workshop

Melissa Perri is a Product Manager, UX Designer, speaker, and coach. Working alongside product development teams around the world, Melissa helps them create strategies that satisfy users and drive business goals. She coaches Product Managers to answer two important questions – “Should we build this?” and “Why?”  Her clients include Spotify, Rovio, Valtech, Plated, Wayra UK, and Levo League.

After successfully integrating concepts from Lean Startup, Agile, and Continuous Improvement into her own role as a Product Manager, Melissa began teaching classes and workshops. She wrote and taught the Product Management curriculum for General Assembly worldwide. A frequent speaker, Melissa has had the pleasure of addressing audiences at conferences such as QCon, Mind the Product, Lean UX NYC, Lean Agile Scotland, and Agile 2015. Before becoming a consultant, she worked as a Product Manager and UX Designer at Barclays Capital, OpenSky, Capital IQ, and Conductor. Melissa has a degree in Operations Research and Information Engineering from Cornell University.

At the moment she is finishing up her book, “The Build Trap”, and wishing she paid more attention in English class. Contrary to public belief, she is actually based in New York City, but loves crossing the pond to work with awesome clients in Europe 

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