Rapid testing: How one of the world's biggest startups built their product

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Date: mercredi 07 juin 2017 à 18:30
Catégorie: Business
Ville: Paris , Paris Ile-de-France

30 years after its launch, Intuit is still considered one of the world’s leading and most innovative SaaS companies, 
with a Nasdaq market cap of nearly $32.5 billion and more than 45 million users around the world. Their flagship product QuickBooks, is used by 90% of American SMBs (!). 

You know the Lean Startup method? Eric Ries was so impressed with Intuit that he dedicated an entire chapter of his book to the company. But way before that book was published,Intuit was one of the 1st companies to do product development based on customer interviews.

In order to scale products like Quickbooks all over the world, they've perfected a method called Rapid Testing. 
Rapid testing is a new, practical, collaborative, quick and agile experimentation process. The goal is to test your product with a panel of customers, by using a special framework and precise timing. It helps you reach your product-market fit faster and grow your customer base by figuring out exactly what needs to be improved. 

We're happy to welcome Scott Stonehocker and  Emmanuelle Sadone from Intuit's product team, who will introduce you to their famous Rapid Testing method and the key tools they use, followed by a 30 min. demo.

This event is made with love, totally free and in English ✨
Talks will be followed by a cocktail & networking!

25 rue du Petit Musc

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