The Backstory: 8 pivots, $25M raised, 0-50 employees... How it really happened!

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Date: mardi 28 juin 2016 à 18:30
Catégorie: Business
Ville: Paris , Paris Ile-de-France

We’re thrilled to welcome Zach Coelius for this special Event! 

Based in San Francisco, Zach is the co-founder of Triggit, an online advertising technology company, and was CEO for 10 years until its acquisition by Gravity4 in 2015. 

Over those 10 years, Zach experienced 8 pivots, raised 25M capital and went from 0 to 50 employees.
Very knowledgeable about adtech, Zach was one of the first investors in Cruise/Branch Metrics, which has raised a total of $53M. 

He will share with you his experiences while running Triggit, raising venture capital, and any number of weird things that happen in the tech world - come on out!

The event is free, totally open and in English... Don't be shy, accents are cute <3

25 rue du Petit Musc

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